What are the unique services that you can expect

executive coaching

Executives live in a world that is extremely competitive and demanding. The aim of Executive Coaching is to provide a supportive relationship for the executive so that he/she can effectively gain better insight into himself/herself and the organisation. This investment in yourself will have a much wider ripple effect than you may think and will touch all areas of your life.

life coaching

Life can be very complicated these days. Roles in families and relationships are blurred and the pace and complexity of the environment in which we live has increased tremendously. In order to stay relevant we strive to keep up, but often find ourselves overcompensating in one area at the cost of neglecting other important areas. Life Coaching will assist you to evaluate your life, determine the Life that you want to live and then embark on an exciting journey

lifestyle changes

When a life style change happens, we are taken out of our comfort zone and have to make sense of, and embrace a new and very often different life style. We have workshops and other interventions to assist you with this.

business coaching

Business coaching focus on the business success you want to achieve. Too often do we have dreams and plans, but the execution of those seem to be lacking. Business Coaching will assist you by guiding you carefully through a process that will help you achieve your dreams and more

Team Dynamics

We have programmes on Relationship Building, Capacity Building and can also develop Custom Interventions based on specific needs. This may require a combination of approaches both individually and in groups


Difficult incidents happen to us in our lives. When these difficult circumstances accumulate over a period of time they distort our perspective of reality and we find ourselves somewhat out of control. We can help you to re-focus and gain a new perspective on what is important.

Trauma Recovery

Traumatic experiences deplete our coping capacity and the event is experienced as a major threat. We have extensive experience in dealing with debriefing people after such an event.

About Future Partners and Willem

"Future Partners" is the collective name for a network of professional associates that form our resource capacity

At Future Partners we believe that every person has a wellspring of potential, ideas, possibilities and a deep desire to achieve. Our role is assist you to access your undiscovered self through coaching and conversation and to live up to your true potential.
The quality of the relationship with his client is a primary requirement for Willem and he plays a responsible role in the lives of others with great respect and dignity.
Willem's top ten character strengths are:
Perspective (Wisdom), Honesty, Authenticity and Genuineness, Creativity, Ingenuity and Originality, Social intelligence, Hope, Optimism and Future mindedness, Humour and Playfulness, Zest, Enthusiasm, Curiosity, Bravery and Valour, Leadership.
He holds a degree from the University of Pretoria, is a Master Practitioner in NLP, is a qualified Professional Business and Life Coach through Unisa and attended various Executive Development Programmes at Universities. He is also a registered member of the International Coach Federation. Willem has been in the People Wellness business for more than 30 years and has dealt with people at all levels of seniority in organisations, has been speaking at conferences about various related topics and wants to continue on this journey for the rest of his life.


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