Level 5 coaching

Level 5 Coaching? To understand some of the dynamics of L5-coaching it is important to understand what is meant by “Level 5 Leadership”. In the process of getting to grips with this, we also need to understand that “Leadership” per se is not something that has been reserved for the chosen few in organisations. If[…]

Mamela: Listening to ignite

Mamela the Sesotho/Setswana word for listen excited me the first time I heard it. For me the word carries an energy that is at once commanding and inviting. The first time I got it was when my client wanted me to grasp something important to him. With urgency in his voice he said, “Ray, mamela man[…]

The Art of Coaching

One could go through the motions or requirements of a coaching model do everything correctly and in the end fail at coaching. What will make the difference to be effective as a coach? My view: when you are successful to understand and practice the art of coaching. What does the art of coaching mean? The[…]